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Straw in hay (20 straws per package)

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20 straws per package

The single-use wheat hay straw is 100% natural and good for the environment. It is made from cleaned wheat stalks.

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Straw in hay (20 straws per package)

Straw in hay are biodegradable and natural. They are made from available natural resources. They are ecological and good for the environment. Straw straw is an excellent alternative to plastic straw.

Made from wheat hay, straw is the ideal alternative for the environment because it is entirely natural. It is simple and safe. It is ideal for all drinks.

Characteristic of the straw: 

  • The length of the straw is 19 cm and about 3 mm in diameter.
  • Compostable and 100% natural
  • Made from wheat straw

Why choose straw in hay?

The straw in hay is 100% natural. It is biodegradable and compostable. This single-use straw is original.

We recommend using it for very liquid drinks because the diameter of the straw is very fine. It is suitable for cold, hot and carbonated drinks. Rinsed and cleaned, the straw leaves no aftertaste.

In addition, the straw in hay remains very rigid even after soaking it in the drink.

Invented by the Sumerians to drink beer, straw straw was created more than 3100 years BC. This natural straw brings us back to the origins of the first straws.

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