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Rice flour straws (20 straws per package)

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20 straws per package

The rice flour straw is rigid and can be eaten without altering the taste of the drink. It is composed of rice flour, wheat flour and vegetable juice.


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20 straws per package

Rice flour straws are natural and biodegradable. They can be eaten after using the straw. Rice flour straws are composed of 80% rice and the remaining 20% wheat flour and vegetable juice. 

Rice flour straws do not alter the taste of the drink and are very rigid. The rice flour straws last more than an hour in the drink. Once softened, they can be eaten.

Straw characteristic

  • Length 20 cm and diameter 6 mm
  • Biodegradable and natural
  • Rigid and edible

Why choose rice flour straw?

Rice straw is one of the most innovative straws in Asia. Still little known in Europe, straw is made from rice flour and vegetable juice. The colour of the straw will depend on the vegetables used – white (rice), green (spinach) – red (beet). The straw colouring is therefore entirely natural. With such a composition, straw is even harder than plastic straw. They also smell like rice. However, it does not alter the taste of the drink.
This straw is ideal because the diameter is 6 mm wide. It can be stored at room temperature for 1.5 years. The duration of the straw in the drink can vary between 30 and 120 minutes depending on the temperature of the drink. The colder the drink, the longer the straw will keep its integrity. Once the straw has softened, the rice straw can be eaten or discarded because it is biodegradable.
This straw will impress your friends and customers by offering them an extraordinary experience.
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