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Apple straws (20 straws)

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20 apple straws per package Apple straw is made of apple fibre in Europe. It is a good alternative to plastic straw because it is ecological and biodegradable and edible.
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250 apple straws per package   Apple straws are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They are produced in Europe from renewable raw materials.  The straw is edible and does not alter the taste of the drink. It is ideal for cold drinks and can be stored in the drink for more than 60 minutes. Apple straw is made of apple fibre and grains. Offer a unique experience by offering the apple straw!   Characteristic of the straw: 
  • 20 cm long and 5 mm in diameter
  • Vegan and biodegradable
  • Edible and natural

Why choose apple straw?

Apple straw is vegan and lactose-free because it is made from apple fibre. After use, the straw can be eaten once the straw has softened. Moreover, it does not alter the taste of the drink but, when you taste the straw, it will have a slight taste of the drink consumed. To make apple straw more enjoyable to eat, we recommend that you leave at least 10 minutes in the drink before tasting it. This one will be less crunchy and even more delicious. Timing wise, the straw is also very durable. It lasts up to 60 minutes for a cold drink so you will have plenty of time to drink it. It can, moreover, vary according to the temperature of the drink. The colder the drink is, the longer it will last in the drink. Straw can also be used for hot drinks, but we recommend that you let your drink cool down to avoid burning yourself. Finally, the latter is ideal for all restaurants and bars that want to differentiate themselves. It is for the moment one of the most innovative straws but still very little known to everyone. It will surprise your friends and customers alike and they will have an incredible experience through drinking. If you are a professional, we recommend that you contact us directly via our contact form

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